EZ Pallet Positioner

Part Number

E Pallet Positioner


EZ Pallet Positioner


  • Self-levelling design automatically keeps the top of the load at a convenient working height to help
    eliminate bending and improve productivity
  • Integral rotator ring helps eliminate reaching and stretching
  • Captive air operation eliminates cumbersome mechanical springs and gives more controlled (dampened) movement of the platform
  • A three position EZ Adjust knob allows adjustment of the collapsed capacity without
    changing air pressure
  • Secured ball bearing centre pivot of the 43" diameter rotator ring provides smooth, even rotation
  • Pressure relief valve prevents excess pressure build-up
  • Surfaces are phosphatized and powder coated with a high quality polyester for a lasting, durable finish
  • Rollers are entrapped in the base frame and platform for added stability

A full coverage finger guard eliminates pinch points between the rotator underside of the
rotator ring and the bearings



Rotator Ring Diameter: 1092mm
Lowered Height: 267mm
Raised Height: 775mm
Min Self Leveling Capacity: 113kg
Max Self Leveling Capacity: 1588kg
Max Load Capacity: 1814kg
Travel: 508mm
Air Pressure Capacity Adjustment: Infinite (10-60psi / 0.7-4.1 bar)
On board Capacity Adjustment: 3 position knob (light, medium, heavy)